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This was once our HOTTEST sauce yet. Made of fresh Trinidad Scorpion, applewood smoked Ghost + Habanero peppers.

Tortured Skull began its journey in the blacked jaws of a smoker. Heaps of Ghost and Habanero pepper lay amidst the fruity smoke of Applewood embers and apple juice vapors, until the flesh was, boom, roasted. From there, the peppers joined forces in the Vitamix with a deluge of fresh, ruby red Trinidad Scorpions and a host of other salty, sweet and tangy flavors. Blended, then simmered. Upon removing the lid for the first time, our eyeballs rang out in protest, terrorized by the fumes. We cackled as the sauce’s bubbles burst like pops of liquid magma.

In the words of Razor's Stace McLaren, “it's pain within pleasure we've found.” We have reached the deepest circle of Hell.

About the Trinidad Scorpion:

In 1980, Professor Paul Bosland at the Horticultural department of New Mexico State University, conducted a fruit lethality study of pepper plants, and calculated that 2.7 pounds of Scorpion would cause enough stomach and intestinal tissue inflammation to kill a 150 pound human.

Ingredients: Trinidad Scorpion, Habanero, Bhut Jolokia, vinegar, garlic, ginger, maple syrup, iodized salt. Organic product.

Net weight 2 oz.