Hurricane BBQ Sauce 🔥

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Our fresh and zingy take on BBQ sauce. Unlike other sauces on the market, Hurricane sauce contains no ketchup.

We use our own cherry tomatoes paired alongside robust flavors of garlic, onion and molasses.

HEAVY METAL CHUCK's HURRICANE SAUCE by Satan's Drano is the edible equivalent to HMC'S Hurricane Grind – All Natural, world class flavor, mostly mild.

It's delicately spiced with paprika, black pepper and a wink of habanero.

Directions: brush onto your favorite BBQ meats. Use straight out of the bottle as a dip for pizza, fries and boneless chicken wings. Stir a spoonful into mac and cheese for a tangy kick! Can also be used to help hamburger. 

Ingredients: cherry tomatoes, vinegar, onion, garlic, molasses, paprika, salt, black pepper, sugar, habanero, love.

Does not contain xanthan gum